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Sep 19

Build and Price a Honda - Official Honda Web Site

Sep 16

Online Car Polls and Automotive Poll Topics | Debate.org

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Sep 12

U.S. Drone Strikes and Foreign Intervention

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The War on Terror (also known as the Global War on Terrorism) is a term commonly applied to an international military campaign which started as a result of the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States. This resulted in an international military campaign, including the use of drone strikes, to eliminate al-Qaeda and other militant organizations. The United Kingdom and many other NATO and non-NATO nations participate in the conflict. The regions part of the War on Terror include Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq, and Kashmir.

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Sep 11

worldwyde1’s soup

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Sep 09

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Pornwall - Free Porn Videos Browser, Free Porn Videos, Free Porn, Porno, Sex

uav vau | Listly List

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uav vau | What are UAVs? and Texas Megachurch Preaches the Power of Drones

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Sep 04


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TweetPockit: A new way to easily save links from Twitter with just one keystroke. Press P to Pocket!

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Sep 01

Web Tools with Extensions / Bookmarklets | Listly List

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list of my favorite web tools and their extensions or bookmarklets | Listly Bookmarklet Intallation, Diigo, Add the Pin It button, LiveBinders Tools, Pearltrees Extension, Google +1 Button, Scoop.it, eduClipper, Delicious, and Bit.ly

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Download Free Apps for your Desktop | Pokki

Drone Reveals the First Stages of Apple’s New Spaceship Campus

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The first stages of Apple’s new spaceship campus taking shape have been revealed by one curious drone user.

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Aug 26

UAV (with images) · worldwyde2

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A Social Media Story storified by michael juiliano

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Aug 25

(27) Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) - Quora

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